Marriage Screen of Carved and Inlaid Hardwood - Dated 1687

Marriage Screen of carved and inlaid hardwood - Dated 1687 Sir Thomas Yarburgh, Knight - and Dame Henrietta Maria - Daughter of Colonel Thomas Blague Sir Thomas Yarburgh (B 1637) first son of Sir Nicholas Yarburgh and Faith Duwnay. Yarburgh was a knight of the shire for Lincolnshire in 1325. He was a Member of King James II's Parliament as the MP for Pontefract, and held the office of High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1676. He married Henrietta Maria Blague, eldest daughter of Colonel Thomas Blague and Mary North. Previous to their marriage, Henrietta was Maid of Honor to Anne, Duchess of York. Colonel Blague was Governor of Wallingford.
Inventory #:   SASD-01 Width:   90"
Origin:   Depth:  
Circa:   Height:   78"
Price:   $8,500


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