French Baroque Style 19th Century Carved Giltwood Mirror with Grapes and Volutes

A French Baroque style giltwood mirror, carved with grapes, vines and volutes from the 19th century. This French medium size wall mirror features an exquisite Baroque style frame, adorned with delicate volutes accentuating each of the four corners, and intertwined with grapes and wines. Perhaps are we in the presence of a mythological evocation of Bacchus, god of wine. This isn't without reminiscing of the same evocation present in the Baroque gardens of Versailles. The crest is adorned with foliage motifs that create a perfect visual conclusion of the ensemble. The central mirror plate shows some signs of good aging.
Inventory #:   EU17-015 Width:   23"
Origin:   Depth:  
Circa:   Height:   31"
Price:   $2,850


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